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Songfest 2018

Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi

Group Statement

Join SPEAP (Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi) for a fun and entertaining show this year that you won't want to miss out on. Along the way, expect lots of fun memories, new friendships, and great times!

Group Leadership

Stephanie May
Courtney Ruud-Johnson
Maria Valente
Lindsey Iacofano
Alexandra Foster
Alexis Medina
Sahil Halai

How to Join

To participate with Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi:

  1. Attend the Kick-Off Event and start rehearsing with this group.
  2. Missed the Kick-Off Event? You can still join this group!
    Email songfest@pepperdine.edu and ask for this group's latest rehearsal information.

  3. Once rehearsing, be sure to select this group when you register for Songfest 2018.