Songfest 2021

Songfest 2021 *IS* happening in a modified virtual format. For more about Songfest 2021, see here.

Songfest 2021 is being produced amidst very unusual circumstances arising from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the information on this site may not be applicable to the Songfest 2021 production.

Songfest 2020

Group Appointment Bookings

Booking Instructions

  1. Select the appointment timeslot that you would like to book.
  2. In the "Tickets/Booking Types" section (lower-right of page), click on Select.
    • If the booking type says "Sold Out", you must select a different appointment timeslot.
  3. Click "View Selections."
  4. If the information looks correct, click "Book Now." If incorrect, click the circled "x" and start again.
  5. Fill out your group and contact info, and click "Continue."
  6. Please check your email and confirm the booking.

Other Tips/Points

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