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Missed the Kick-Off?

You CAN still participate! Choose any of the groups down below, then email songfest@pepperdine.edu and we will give you your chosen group's next rehearsal time and location. Then, just show up to the next rehearsal, tell the group leaders you'd like to join, and have a blast!


Group Rehearsal Kick-Off Event

The Songfest Kick-Off Event marks the official start of group Songfest rehearsals. It's a crazy night where everyone involved in Songfest meets together briefly, some key information is given out, and then everyone separates into groups and commences rehearsal for the show.

Whether you're brand new or an experienced returner, everyone interested in participating in a Songfest group should attend. For students, this is the night that the amazing Songfest experience begins, and it doesn't end until the close of the last performance. Come be a part of Pepperdine's biggest and longest-running student tradition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation FAQs

Songfest 2019

Songfest 2019 Kick-Off Event

Thursday, February 14
10:00 PM
Elkins Auditorium
For EVERYONE participating in Songfest 2019!
New participants welcome!

In the minutes immediately following the close of the Kick-Off Event, groups will hold their first rehearsals.

At the Kick-Off Event, the staff and hosts will:

Don't have a group? No problem!
ALL Seaver students are welcome to join ANY competing group!!!
Just show up and join their rehearsals!

Songfest 2019 Participating Groups:

Click on a group name for more information (including group statements).

Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions about participating.

Questions? Email us at songfest@pepperdine.edu.