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Songfest Host Auditions

Student hosts are selected for each Songfest through a yearly audition process. These auditions usually take place in October, and are open to all undergraduate students currently enrolled at Pepperdine University's Seaver College.

Visit our Frequently Asked Host Questions.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at songfest@pepperdine.edu.

Songfest 2019 Auditions

The host audition process for Songfest 2019 is currently open!

2019 Host Audition Packet (pdf download)

Full audition details, required candidate paperwork, and helpful information are all included in the Songfest 2019 Host Audition Packet. The packet is avaialble for download, and can also be picked up in Student Actiivities (HAWC 117).

Songfest 2019 Auditions at a Glance:

How do I audition to be a Songfest 2019 host?

  1. Download the Songfest 2019 Host Audition Packet, or pick up a printed copy in Student Activities (HAWC 117).
  2. Sign up for a 5-minute audition appointment.
  3. Prepare for the audition (see Auditon Packet).
  4. Consider signing up for a preparatory appointment with the Audition Accompanist (optional- see packet).
  5. Bring your completed paperwork (Host Audition Form and Host Commitment Agreement) to the audition.
  6. Relax and enjoy the audition process!

Good luck to all candidates!

Audition Accompanist Consultations

David Fraley, the piano accompanist for the 2019 Host Auditions, is available for preparatory meetings/rehearsals with this year's host candidates. We highly recommend that candidates take advantage of this opportunity to meet in advance with David, though doing so is optional and not required. At these meetings, you may rehearse, run through sheet music, consult with him about preparing your song edits (introductions, cuts, transitions, etc.), and/or anything else that helps you feel more prepared for the singing part of your audition.

Should you wish to book an appointment with David, you should do so by contacting him directly. We are not publishing his contact information on the internet, but you can obtain his contact information by emailing songfest@pepperdine.edu, by signing up for an audition appointment (his contact info is in the automated booking response), or by visiting Student Activities where his contact info will be posted on Danielle Minke's door (HAWC 117).

Music Director Consultations

Chris Stivers (the Songfest Music Director) will also be available, by appointment on a limited basis, for consultations/meetings with this year's host candidates. These are NOT rehearsals. Rather, he is making himself available for discussing your music (the cutting, the key, intros and endings, the tempo, the flow of your songs, etc.). He may possibly offer suggestions regarding your music preparation.

All appointments need to be booked with Chris directly. He is available by email at chris.stivers@pepperdine.edu.

Host Audition Preview Workshop

All students interested in potentially auditioning to be a future Songfest host are highly encouraged to participate in the Host Audition Preview Workshop. This fun and pressure-free event is held in the spring in the weeks following the close of the most recent Songfest performances.