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As a part of Pepperdine University's response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the 2020 production of Songfest has been cancelled. We will begin planning for Songfest 2021 soon.

For more information on Pepperdine's response, visit:

Songfest 2020

Gamma Ghkkkkket Sigma and Friends

Group Statement

Ghkkkkket ready for late-night laughs, endless singing and dancing, and making long-lasting friendships! First appearing in 1998, Gamma Ghkkkkket Sigma and Friends (GGS) is the longest-established unaffiliated ("non-Greek") group. We're all about building a community of diverse memebers, so we welcome all Pepperdine students to join. Every year, our group becomes a close-knit family not only through rehearsals, but also by spending time together outside of practice. This family feel and unmistakable enrgy shines in our onstage performance and continues well after Songfest is over. So come join GGS, and let's make some amazing and unforghkkkkkettable memories!

Group Leadership

Samson Lim
Natalie Castle
Paige Eivins
Ava Randel
Amber Jaycox
Mary Grace Bridges
Jaime Le
Elisa Wright

How to Join

To participate with Gamma Ghkkkkket Sigma and Friends:

  1. Attend the Kick-Off Event and start rehearsing with this group.
  2. Missed the Kick-Off Event? You can still join this group!
    Email songfest@pepperdine.edu and ask for this group's latest rehearsal information.

  3. Before you rehearse, you must register with this group for Songfest 2020! It only takes a minute, and can be done anytime prior to your first rehearsal with this group.