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Songfest 2021

Songfest 2021 *IS* happening in a modified virtual format. For more about Songfest 2021, see here.

Songfest 2021 is being produced amidst very unusual circumstances arising from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the information on this site may not be applicable to the Songfest 2021 production.

Songfest 2021 Let There Be Peace on Earth

Video Instructions

Overall Video Workflow

Video files are due on or before April 12. We are ready for your submissions!

NOTE: Any audio included in your video during the song will NOT be heard in Songfest. If you want your voice to be part of the "virtual choir," you need to submit a separate audio recording.


  1. Load the reference video (bottom of page) on your "playback device" (usually not the same device you are using to film).
  2. Use another camera (typically a smartphone) for filming your performance.
  3. Prepare the camera.
    1. Configure your camera settings (see notes on VIDEO SETTINGS below).
    2. A stable mount (e.g. tripod, shelf, etc.) is ideal, but you can also use a cameraman with a steady hand.
    3. We primarily need to see your facial movements and experessions. Make sure those can be seen clearly.
  4. Find a suitable filming location.
    1. Consider where you would like to be seen, and what background/environment you'd like to capture on camera
    2. Choose a location where there will not be activity on-camera that will be distracting to the viewers.
  5. Rehearse with the reference video until you are fully comfortable with the song, the lyrics, the timing at the end, and how you want to sing (or lip-sync) it.


  1. Headphones are not necessary- no audio from videos will be in the song.
  2. Start the reference video playback, and then start recording on your camera.
  3. During the count-in to the song, there is a synchronization mark (an audible "beep", also called a "2-pop") right at the 2-second mark. Visually give a clear clap of your hands right at the 2-second mark. This helps us line up your recording with all the others.
  4. During filming, you can either actually sing or just lip-sync (convincingly). Either way, do it "loud and proud" while matching the singing in the reference video.
  5. After the song ends stop your recording.
  6. Repeat steps 7-10 until you have captured a video you want to submit.


  1. Name your video file as follows: "Peace - FirstName LastName" plus the file extension (usually ".mp4" or ".mov")
  2. We recommend transferring your video to your computer before uploading.
  3. Submit your video file! (Now available at bottom of page)


Video Settings

Video Recording Apps/Tools

Apple iPhone Camera (recommended)

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video.
    • Select 1080p HD at 30fps OR 720p HD at 30 fps
    • Do not select anything above 30 fps, and do not select 4K
    • Make sure "HDR Video" is turned OFF
  2. We highly recommend transfering your chosen video file(s) to your computer. You can review them (things look different on monitors/tv than they do on the phone), and easily rename them before uploading.

Other Video Software/Hardware

  1. You may use other equipment and/or software to film your video
  2. Please adhere to all of the Video Settings guidelines above

Reference Video

Film yourself as you sing along to this reference video:


Ready to Upload?

Submit Your Video

After you've finished filming and have prepared your file, start the submission process here.